Monday, November 12, 2007

Fishnet Poncho

This is the "Fabulous Fishnet Poncho" from Crochet in Style, finally done. Once I talked with the designer and found out how to wear it (the picture in the booklet was wrong!), my "error" on the neckline disappeared! Woo-hoo!

I think it looks better on me than on the dressform, don't you?

It is surprisingly warm; it's warm tonight, and even though we have the a/c on, I got a bit toasty just in the few minutes it took to take this picture. I hope it's chilly again tomorrow so I can show it off. It's the first thing I've made for myself!
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Ravelry Rocks

So, I've been making a Fishnet Poncho from the booklet "Crochet in Style" by Mary Jane Hall (author of Positively Crochet), and I just finished it up. It came out pretty nice, but the neckline was a little wonky. I ascribed it to my finishing it up at about 12:45 am.

Well, I posted the project to my Ravelry project list, and who should comment but the designer herself! Turns out the technical editor changed the instructions a bit and that may have messed up my neckline.

But how frickin' cool is it that Ravelry has made it possible for designers to see who is making their projects and for the crafters to interact, one on one, with the designers.

Over at Crochetville, we have several designers who are members, but they can't easily see who is making their projects. Not that isn't just a great deal of fun and a super source of info just chatting with them (especially Jean L., who is always willing to help out!).

It must be really neat for them to see how many people are actually creating their designs, too, rather than just buying their books and patterns.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Found Object

You know you have way too many WIPs when you find half finished projects you forgot you had. I just found a half-finished poncho in a basket the other day. It's the easiest fishnet stitch pattern, so I'm going to finish it up today, as the high is only going to be 72F, which for Tampa is cold.

Oh, hush Yankees. It was 90F last week, so I'll enjoy what ever little bit of "cold" I can get. You try crocheting in the sub-tropics!

I'm going to try to finish it up this morning, then I'm going, ugh, Christmas shopping. Just to pick up a few things for Ellie that are on sale. I'm going to keep Christmas much more low-key this year, what with the economy and all, but there are still a few store bought things I want to get for her. Today will be a Play-doh thing on sale at Target. Plus, the Toys r Us near me is going out of business, so I'm going to check there for some baby doll accessories, as she's finally playing with baby dolls more.

I'll be making some baby doll clothes for her, too.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thread Earrings

These earrings were also made for my Autumn secret pal - the purple ones are just a "potato chip" scarf type pattern, done in size 10 thread.
These chandelier earrings were the first pair I did, in size 20 thread, with a teeny tiny hook and some lovely pearl beads. I started out using a pattern, didn't like it and then just made the whole thing up from scratch.
And these cutie (pumpkin) pies were whipped up in about 15 minutes for her daughter to wear for Halloween. Again, I just sort of made up my own pattern and I hope I can remember it, because I want a pair!
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Bunny in a Dress

Here's yet another item that went to my secret pal (for her daughter). It's from Lion Brand - Mr. Funky Bunny in a Dress. I guess the bunny has some gender identity issues . I added the flower, so this one is clearly a girl.

This was a fun pattern to make - some interesting shaping in the arms and legs and ears and the dress was created in a very novel fashion. Making it made me want to buy the book!
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Crystal's scarf

A close up of the Tunisian stitch pattern used in Crystal's scarf.
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Crystal's scarf

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This is my own pattern, my first. It's a tunisian stitch scarf, done with two strands of Bernat Satin. I first worked the scarf with Bernat Glacier, but ran out of yarn and was unable to find anymore locally.

I thought I could fudge it and finish it off with two strands of Satin, but the sheen wasn't the same, although the softness was.

In the end, I'm glad I used the Satin, b/c it doesn't shed nearly as much as the Glacier does, and the two strands makes it nice and warm.

I wrote out my notes on this, and will write up a pattern soon. I think I want to try to get it into the 2009 calendar, after I have some people test it over at C'ville.

It just depends on how many people ordered those huge Tunisian hooks from Annie's Attic when they were on sale, lol!

Crystal's Slippers

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Of course, I made a pair of slippers for my swap partner herself! These are from a Drops design, but I used Homespun (Corinthian is the colorway) instead of their Eskimo yarn.

These are really, really nice. They fit like socks, but are of course much thicker. I am going to have to make a pair for myself, too.

Bunny Slippers

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These are for my secret pal's daughter; aren't they cute?

Another free pattern from CPC; I just searched for Bunny Slippers.

Don's Slippers

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Actually, not really. That's just the name of the pattern I used. I made these for my Autumn Secret Pal Swap partner at Crochetville. Well, her husband, really.

They are a great slipper, really sturdy, but soft. I used RH TLC, two strands held together, in blue and a variegated blue. I'll get the exact color names if anyone wants them.

The pattern was a free one, from CPC.

Miss Gracie

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This is the teddy bear I made for Maddie, up in St. John's. I used Vanna's Choice, and it came out nice and soft, but sturdy, too. Vanna's Choice is now going to be my go to yarn for stuffies and amis.

Miss Gracie is lying in repose in a granny square blanket made for me 30 some odd years ago when I was a baby, by my Grandma. JoAnn's Sensations Rainbow Classic still comes in the same color, and I just made a blanket out of it. But that's another post.

Maddie's mom reports to me that Miss Gracie has slept in Maddie's bed with her every night since she got her, which is totally cool.

Ellie likes the toys I make her, but she's not so very attached to them. The scarves, yes, the toys, not so much.

Anyway, I used this pattern at Craftster: Beary Jackson.

My mouth isn't quite as cute, but it works. My embroidery is pretty good, though. I'm getting a lot better at it.

I'm not sure the pattern said to do so, but I embroidered the felt before I sewed it on, using embroidery floss.

Oh, and the scarf is just some hdc using Bernat Baby Coordinates I had left over from Sophie's blanket.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Holy carp and other orange fish

It's been too long since I posted. I just got my Ravelry invite (Oh. Mah. Gawd. It's too, too awesome over there.) and figured I'd tidy up the blog a bit. Didn't realize how many cobwebs had accumulated.

I've still got to get all my FO pictures off the old hard drive, but I've got some new FOs on the camera to upload, so there will be some eye candy forthcoming.

Off to do that now.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Book Score!

I love income tax time - I just ordered 5 books from!!!

I can't wait to get them! I'm finally getting:
Stitch n' Bitch: Happy Hooker (Mom got me the knitting Stitch n' Bitch for Christmas - nice, but no FAT BOTTOMED BAG!!!)
Geometrics, a New Way to Crochet
101 Crochet Squares
The Knitting Answer Book

Can't wait until they get here!!!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Welcome to Slumpsville


I'm STILL working on the never-ending baby soon-to-be-toddler blanket. I finally finished the main body of it, so no more rows and rows of slippery dc to do. Yeah me! Now, I just have to make some fairly simple flower squares, sew them on the corners, do a quick shell edging and call it done.

And yet...

I've not worked on it in days. True, my stupid ovary is acting up, so I feel like crap, but still, I should at least work on it. I mean, I knocked out a charity square tonight in less than an hour!

I'm avoiding finishing this blanket, and I have no idea why. My crocheting needs therapy now.

I've got three, maybe four things left to make my swap partner. I feel like it's not enough; everyone has been getting so much awesome stuff from their partners and I feel badly that my partner got stuck with a slowpoke!

I should be working on something for her now, actually. Think I'll go work on {THIS PORTION OF POST CENSORED} for her. That'll be "big fun", as Ellie says.

Oh, and if any of you need a great yarn tote, the wheely ones from JoAnn's kick ass. I'm loving mine. I got two, and I'll post pictures at some point of how much I can cram in them.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Very First Finished Object

This is the very first thing I ever finished - a "school blanket" for my daughter Ellie. I worked on it non-stop for 4 days last summer so she would have it in time for the first week of school in August.
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As usual, I missed the first week, but she uses it every day now and just loves it. It's a simple ripple pattern in RHSS "Summer Breeze" (why, oh why did they discontinue that color??? It's so gorgeous!) with a shell edge of whatever blue I could find at Wally World.

Here are some close ups:

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And the whole thing, laid out:

Of course, Ellie is now longer than this blanket, and needs more width to get really cozy, so I'll need to add onto it for next year. Anyone know where I can get more Summer Breeze?