Monday, April 2, 2007

Welcome to Slumpsville


I'm STILL working on the never-ending baby soon-to-be-toddler blanket. I finally finished the main body of it, so no more rows and rows of slippery dc to do. Yeah me! Now, I just have to make some fairly simple flower squares, sew them on the corners, do a quick shell edging and call it done.

And yet...

I've not worked on it in days. True, my stupid ovary is acting up, so I feel like crap, but still, I should at least work on it. I mean, I knocked out a charity square tonight in less than an hour!

I'm avoiding finishing this blanket, and I have no idea why. My crocheting needs therapy now.

I've got three, maybe four things left to make my swap partner. I feel like it's not enough; everyone has been getting so much awesome stuff from their partners and I feel badly that my partner got stuck with a slowpoke!

I should be working on something for her now, actually. Think I'll go work on {THIS PORTION OF POST CENSORED} for her. That'll be "big fun", as Ellie says.

Oh, and if any of you need a great yarn tote, the wheely ones from JoAnn's kick ass. I'm loving mine. I got two, and I'll post pictures at some point of how much I can cram in them.

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