Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Very First Finished Object

This is the very first thing I ever finished - a "school blanket" for my daughter Ellie. I worked on it non-stop for 4 days last summer so she would have it in time for the first week of school in August.
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As usual, I missed the first week, but she uses it every day now and just loves it. It's a simple ripple pattern in RHSS "Summer Breeze" (why, oh why did they discontinue that color??? It's so gorgeous!) with a shell edge of whatever blue I could find at Wally World.

Here are some close ups:

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And the whole thing, laid out:

Of course, Ellie is now longer than this blanket, and needs more width to get really cozy, so I'll need to add onto it for next year. Anyone know where I can get more Summer Breeze?


CrochetPoet said...

That's a lovely blanket. You did a great job for your first piece. I know my first pieces didn't look that polished, excellent! I really love the colors as well. It is too bad they discontinued it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely blanket :)