Monday, November 12, 2007

Ravelry Rocks

So, I've been making a Fishnet Poncho from the booklet "Crochet in Style" by Mary Jane Hall (author of Positively Crochet), and I just finished it up. It came out pretty nice, but the neckline was a little wonky. I ascribed it to my finishing it up at about 12:45 am.

Well, I posted the project to my Ravelry project list, and who should comment but the designer herself! Turns out the technical editor changed the instructions a bit and that may have messed up my neckline.

But how frickin' cool is it that Ravelry has made it possible for designers to see who is making their projects and for the crafters to interact, one on one, with the designers.

Over at Crochetville, we have several designers who are members, but they can't easily see who is making their projects. Not that isn't just a great deal of fun and a super source of info just chatting with them (especially Jean L., who is always willing to help out!).

It must be really neat for them to see how many people are actually creating their designs, too, rather than just buying their books and patterns.

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