Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Found Object

You know you have way too many WIPs when you find half finished projects you forgot you had. I just found a half-finished poncho in a basket the other day. It's the easiest fishnet stitch pattern, so I'm going to finish it up today, as the high is only going to be 72F, which for Tampa is cold.

Oh, hush Yankees. It was 90F last week, so I'll enjoy what ever little bit of "cold" I can get. You try crocheting in the sub-tropics!

I'm going to try to finish it up this morning, then I'm going, ugh, Christmas shopping. Just to pick up a few things for Ellie that are on sale. I'm going to keep Christmas much more low-key this year, what with the economy and all, but there are still a few store bought things I want to get for her. Today will be a Play-doh thing on sale at Target. Plus, the Toys r Us near me is going out of business, so I'm going to check there for some baby doll accessories, as she's finally playing with baby dolls more.

I'll be making some baby doll clothes for her, too.

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