Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Miss Gracie

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This is the teddy bear I made for Maddie, up in St. John's. I used Vanna's Choice, and it came out nice and soft, but sturdy, too. Vanna's Choice is now going to be my go to yarn for stuffies and amis.

Miss Gracie is lying in repose in a granny square blanket made for me 30 some odd years ago when I was a baby, by my Grandma. JoAnn's Sensations Rainbow Classic still comes in the same color, and I just made a blanket out of it. But that's another post.

Maddie's mom reports to me that Miss Gracie has slept in Maddie's bed with her every night since she got her, which is totally cool.

Ellie likes the toys I make her, but she's not so very attached to them. The scarves, yes, the toys, not so much.

Anyway, I used this pattern at Craftster: Beary Jackson.

My mouth isn't quite as cute, but it works. My embroidery is pretty good, though. I'm getting a lot better at it.

I'm not sure the pattern said to do so, but I embroidered the felt before I sewed it on, using embroidery floss.

Oh, and the scarf is just some hdc using Bernat Baby Coordinates I had left over from Sophie's blanket.

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