Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Crystal's scarf

Originally uploaded by Tiga Crochets

This is my own pattern, my first. It's a tunisian stitch scarf, done with two strands of Bernat Satin. I first worked the scarf with Bernat Glacier, but ran out of yarn and was unable to find anymore locally.

I thought I could fudge it and finish it off with two strands of Satin, but the sheen wasn't the same, although the softness was.

In the end, I'm glad I used the Satin, b/c it doesn't shed nearly as much as the Glacier does, and the two strands makes it nice and warm.

I wrote out my notes on this, and will write up a pattern soon. I think I want to try to get it into the 2009 calendar, after I have some people test it over at C'ville.

It just depends on how many people ordered those huge Tunisian hooks from Annie's Attic when they were on sale, lol!

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